Company Profile


b-e is an engineering company founded in 2021 by Sébastien Baron, engineer who graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Sébastien has a deep experience in both managing technical teams and designing then developing embedded, distributed, real-time software and systems.

He has also built many systems based on web technologies, desktop applications and automation.

Sébastien has also proven to be very efficient in the difficult art of debugging embedded systems.


b-e focuses on R&D and consulting in the fields of embedded systems, distributed systems, real-time software.

b-e also specializes in monitoring systems and industrial automation.

Our Solutions

b-e offers a wide range of solutions:

R&D, Consulting

Expertise, design, development.

Task or time based work. Together for a day, a month, or more.

Project Management

Team leading, technical specifications, subcontracting management.

You have an idea, we take care of it until you hold your product in your hands.

Extreme Debug™

A unique solution with a unique pricing model.

Whenever your project is stuck because of:

We’ll have a fresh eye on it. It will cost you nothing until we deliver (Success fee contract. In case we don’t find the problem, nothing will be charged except expenses, if any).


Just a selection of technologies we master:

C/C++, Object Oriented Design and Programming

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